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Soapstone Carving from Swaziland, AfricaCurrently, most of the world's erotic art languishes in private collections or in closed-to-the-public museum archives. These beautiful images from our rich sensual past are often deemed a little too "controversial" to be made easily accessible to the general public.

We are erotic beings and there is no shame in celebrating that fact. Sensual erotic art can be a wonderful statement about the joy you have in living and loving. As well, it is simply refreshing to know that people from other times and cultures enjoy making love.

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Our effort is to promote inter-cultural appreciatation through sensual art and literature. As part of its policy to promote positive images of culural and historical sexuality, World Art Erotica allows its members to freely download and save images from the gallery. Members can then use the images as they wish. For instance, they can decorate their personal or company website. They can e-mail an image to a friend. They can even print it out and frame it. One of our members wrote, "very few museums allow you to take copies of the art home with you as part of the admission price."

We give members of World Art Erotica the right to freely use any of the art images in our gallery.

In fact our Royalty-Free license are for commercial or private use.

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The art images in our gallery can be used to decorate your homepage or you can also send it as an e-mail attachment to a special e-mail friend or lover. We would appreciate if you tell others that you got your images from World Art Erotica. Other than that there are no strings attached.

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As a Member of World Art Erotica, you have access to hundreds of historical and cultural erotic art images from around the world which you can freely use . . . . This is one museum where you can take the art home with you!

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