Writing and Research Intern in Hawaii!

Lilly - World Art Erotica Hawaii Research InternFor those who have a deeper intellectual and creative interest in human sexuality, we offer the World Art Erotica Writing and Research Internship in Hawaii.

Volunteers may come to Hawaii and enjoy a low-cost Research Intern Vacation at the Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community Rainforest Retreat.

We have divided the Hedonisia Intern duties into three broad categories, Mind, Heart and Body.

If accepted as an Intern you may choose one of the following specialties according to your area of interest:

Brain Work!

  • Sexual Satire: Research and add more sexual satire from an international perspective (cartoons, stories, art, etc.)
  • Quotes from the Classics: Research, edit and incorporate sensual quotes from classical Eastern and Western erotic literature that have relevance to today's world.
  • Social Network promotion & SEO.
  • Identify, scan and archive New Erotic Art: We have an ever growing erotic archive that needs to be scanned, organized and filed digitally. New image and keyword implementation.
  • Ethical Eropreneur Intern in Hawaii. For those who wish to study sexuality from a more intellectual and sociological perspective.

'Heart' Work!

  • Painting and Graphic Design. We consider our creative work to be in the "heart" department.

'Body' Work!

  • Kama Sutra Yoga. Finally, if you feel comfortable and wish to work with your body then you may choose to be a Kama Sutra Model Intern! Models needed for additional photos, mini-movies and historical research.

Additional Information about Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community:

  1. Length: 1-week minimum under the Hedonsia Hawaii Intern Community Manager Program.
  2. Educational Qualifications: Interns should have a post secondary education in: Sociology, Women's Studies, Psychology, Environmental Studies, Social Enterprise, Marketing, Communications, Humanities.
  3. Hedonisia Hawaii Lodgings: Lodgings are provided at Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community Rainforest Retreat. They are rustic, "jungle style" and eco-friendly!
  4. Intern Computer Research Work: 3 Hours a Day; 4 Days a Week.
  5. Hedonisia Community Support Day: All special Interns are required to have one 3 Hour Shift where you can do work in the land such as weeding and landscaping as well cleaning the community shared facilities.
  6. Virtual Work: Where possible it is sometimes possible to do Research Work prior to your stay at Hedonisia.
  7. Tryout Period: During this period we look at the quality of your work and how you fit into the Hedonisia community. As well, you will also be assessing your enjoyment of the work you are doing. So this 4-day period is an "opt-out" for both parties!
  8. Student Certificate of Completion: Upon completion of your internship you receive a Certificate of Completion. If Intern is a student, then we can adjust the Intern hours to reflect the requirements of Student's educational institution.

Hedonisia Hawaii Community Intern Application Form
Online Application Form

Alternatively you may just wish to come to Hedonisia Hawaii and visit our Sustainable Community as an Ecotourist!
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