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Practically everyone has heard of the Kama Sutra but how many have taken the time to read it? Of course, there are a few brave individuals who do attempt to "read" such a classical work. To be honest, many compare the experience to wading through mud to find a few pearls of wisdom. This is simply because much of what was written hundreds or even thousands of years ago is not very relevant to people today.

And so, what we have tried to do here is to do the wading for you by selecting excerpts from some of the great erotic classics in the world. We have tried to choose excerpts that are relevant and inspirational to lovers in today's world.

"She should have him suck her Lotus and show his pleasure. Inhaling the fragrance, he should enter with his tongue, searching for the Red and White secretions. Then she should say to him,"Eat my essence! Drink the Waters of Release! O Son, be a slave as well as a father and a lover!"

Chandamaharosana Tantra. (Ancient Buddhist Tantric Scripture circa 6 -9th century AD)

Book The Kama Sutra
Author Vatsyayana (Hindu Sage)
Date/Place 1st Century AD; India
Comments The world's most famous manual on the art of making love


The signs of the enjoyment and satisfaction of the woman are as follows: her body relaxes, she closes her eyes, she puts aside all bashfulness, and shows increased willingness to unite the two organs as closely together as possible. On the other hand, the signs of her want of enjoyment and of failing to be satisfied are as follows: she does not let the man get up, she feels dejected, bites the man, kicks him, and continues to go on moving after the man has finished. In such cases the man should rub the yoni(vagina) of the woman with his hand and fingers (as the elephant rubs anything with his trunk) before engaging in congress, until the yoni is softened, and then he should proceed to put his lingam (penis) into her.

A man does not succeed either by implicitly following the inclination of a girl, or by wholly opposing her; he should therefore adopt the middle course.. He who knows how to make himself beloved by women, as well as to increase their honour and create confidence in them, this man becomes the object of their love. But he who neglects a girl thinking she is too bashful, is despised by her as a beast ignorant of the working of the female mind. Moreover, a girl forcibly enjoyed by one who does not understand the hearts of girls becomes nervous, uneasy, and dejected, and begins to hate the man who has taken advantage of her.
At the first time of love-making, the passion of the male is intense and his time to ejaculation is short, but in subsequent unions on the same day, the reverse is the case. With the woman it is the contrary, for at the first her passion will be weak and her time until orgasm long, but on other occasions of lovemaking on the same day, her passion will become more intense and her time until orgasm very short.
IN71 "Many young men may enjoy one woman, who may be married to one of them, either one after the other or at the same time. Thus, one of them holds her, another enjoys her, a third uses her mouth, a fourth holds her middle part and in this way they go on enjoying her several parts simultaneously."

Book The Ananga Ranga or Stage of the Bodiless One
Author Kalyana Malla
Date/Place 17th Century AD, India
Comments A practical love manual written for men and women
  When a woman is excited with passion, she should cover her lover's eyes with her hands and, closing her own eyes, thrust her tongue into his mouth. She should move it to and fro and in and out, with a pleasant motion suggestive of more intimate forms of enjoyment to come.

When she is full of desire, she should take the man's lower lip between her teeth, gently chewing and biting him there. He should do the same to her upper lip, taking care to such it gently. In this way they both will become sexually aroused and their pasion will produce much heat.

  The woman should ever strive to close and constrict the Yoni until it holds the Lingam as with a finger, opening and shutting at her pleasure, and finally, acting as the hand of the Gopi girl, who milks the cow. This can only be learned by practice, and especially by throwing the power of the will into the part to be affected. . . . So lovely and pleasant to man is she who can constrict her Yoni in this way.
Let it be noted, that the desires of the woman are colder and slower to rouse than those of the man, she is not easily satisfied by a single act of congress; her slower powers of excitement demand prolonged embraces and if these be denied her, she feels aggrieved. In the second act, however, her passions being thoroughly aroused, she finds her orgasm more violent, and then she is thoroughly contented. This state of affairs is cleanly reversed in the case of the man, who approaches the first act burning with love-heat, which cools during the second, and which leaves him languid and disinclined for a third. But the wise do not argue therefrom, that the desires of the woman, as long as she is young and strong, are not as full and real and urgent as those of the man. The custom of society and the shame of the sex may compel her to conceal them and even to boast that they do not exist; yet the man who has studied the Art of Love is never deceived by this cunning.
How delicious an instrument is woman, when artfully played upon; how capable is she of producing the most exquisite harmonies, of executing the most complicated of love, and of giving the most Divine of erotic pleasures.
The following is the situation which the wise men of old have described as being best fitted for sexual intercourse with women. Choose the largest, and finest, and the most airy room in the house, purify it thoroughly with whitewash and decorate its spacious and beautiful walls with pictures and other objects upon which the eye may dwell with delight. Scattered about this apartment place musical instruments, especially the pipe and the lute; with refreshments, as cocoa-nut, betel-leaf and milk, which is so useful for retaining and restoring vigour; bottles of rose water and various essences, fans and chauris for cooling the air, and books containing amorous songs, and gladdening the glance with illustrations of love-postures. Splendid Divalgiri or wall lights, should gleam around the room, reflected by a hundred mirrors, whilst both man and woman should contend against any reserve, or false shame, giving themselves up in complete nakedness to unrestrained voluptuousness, upon a high and handsome bedstead, furnished with many pillows, and covered by a rich chatra, or canopy; the sheets being sprinkled with flowers and the coverlet scented by burning luscious incense, such as aloes and other fragrant woods. In such a place, let the man, ascending the throne of love, enjoy the woman in ease and comfort, gratifying his and her every wish and every whim.
The chief reason for the separation between the married couple and the cause, which drives the husband to the embraces of strange women, and the wife to the arms of strange men, is the want of varied pleasures and the monotony which follows possession. There is no doubt about it. Monotony begets satiety, and satiety distaste for congress, especially in one or the other; malicious feelings are engendered, the husband or the wife yields to temptation, and the other follows, being driven by jealousy. For it seldom happens that the two love each other equally.... However, the husband, by varying the enjoyment of his wife, may live with her as with thirty-two different women, ever varying the enjoyment of her, and rendering satiety impossible.
  THE GLORIOUS POSITION: "This posture requires the man to exert great strength. The woman clasps her hand behind the man's neck and jumps up to place her legs around his waist. She hands on to him, squeezing his waist with her thighs, while he supports her weight by holding his hands under her hips. Rocking this way they bring each other to ecstasy."
When she senses that your orgasm
is imminent she swallows up the whole Lingam (penis),
sucking and working upon it
with lips and tongue until you spend:
this is Sangara (Swallowed Whole).

Book The Glory of the Perfumed Garden
Author Sheikh Nefzawi (adviser to the Grand Vizier of Tunis)
Date/Place 16th Century; Tunisia, North Africa
Comments Sheikh Nefzawi's writings portray a sensual side to the Islamic religion that, with Muslim fundamentalism on the rise is, seldom seen today. Unlike Christianity, Islam has never condemned sexual pleasure. Nor is Islam as chauvinistic towards women as present day ayotollahs and mullahs would have us believe. It should be noted how much emphasis Nefzawi places on a woman's right to physical pleasure. This progressive attitude has all but disappeared in present-day Muslim teachings which very much cater to the pleasures and rights of men but castigate a woman's sexual enjoyment and needs. Finally, Nefzawi brings a humour and lightness to his love manual that is quite refreshing and again goes against the dour dictates of of Islam today.

Praise be to Allah (God) who has placed the source of man's greatest pleasure in woman's natural parts, and woman's greatest pleasure in the natural parts of man! Allah has decreed that the well-being, satisfaction and comfort of a woman's parts shall depend on the welcome they accord to the virile member, and that a man shall know neither rest nor peace till his duty has been nobly done!

When the mutual operation is performed, a lively combat ensues between the two actors who frolic and kiss and intertwine. Man, in the pride of his strength, works like a pestle, and the woman, with lascivious undulations, comes artfully to his aid. Soon, all too soon, the ejaculation comes!


THE PERFUMED GARDEN (A woman's thoughts to her lady-love)

My source of happiness is a soft-skinned girl, her smile adorned with pearls. The moisture of her mouth is sweet and fresh. Between her legs there is a fissure, as pretty and alluring as the neck of a young gazelle. That night we spent in sucking mouths and other parts. If to love my girl friend in such a way is "sinful," then to love a man is indeed "unlawful."

PK 06
Allah has granted us the kiss on the mouth, the cheeks and the neck, as also the sucking of luscious lips, to provoke an erection at a favourable time. It is He, who, in His wisdom, has embellished with breasts a woman's chest. He has also given her eyes which inspire love, and lashes sharp as polished blades. With admirable flanks and a delightful navel He has heightened the beauty of her gently domed belly. He has endowed her with buttocks nobly planned, and has supported the whole on majestic thighs. Between these latter He has placed the field of strife which, when it abounds in flesh, resembles by its amplitude a lion's head. Its name among mankind is 'vulva'. Oh, how innumerable are the men who have died for this! Allah has given this object a mouth, a tongue, two lips and a shape like the footprint of a gazelle on the sands of the desert. Let praise be given to Allah that He has created woman with her beauty and appetizing flesh: that He has endowed her with hair, waist, and throat, breasts which swell, and amorous gestures which increase desire.
  Do not unite with a woman until you have excited her with playful caresses and then the pleasure will be mutual. It is advisable therefore to amuse yourselves before you introduce your member and accomplish the act. You will excite her by kissing her cheeks, sucking her lips, and nibbling her teats. You will kiss her navel and thighs, and lay a provoking hand upon her pubes. Bite her arms; do not neglect any part of her body; clasp her tightly till she feels your love; then sigh and entwine your arms and legs around hers.
  When you are with a woman and you see that her eyes languish and she sighs profoundly, in a word, when she desires to copulate, let your two passions blend and your lubricity be carried to the highest point; for, so far as enjoyment is concerned, the favourable moment has arrived. The woman will then experience the supremest pleasure; you yourself will love her more and she will cling to you . . . .
  Woman is like a fruit which will only yield its fragrance when rubbed by the hands. Take, for example, the basil: unless it be warmed by the fingers it emits no perfume. And do you not know that unless amber be warmed and manipulated it retains its aroma within? The same with woman: if you do not animate her with your frolics and kisses, with nibbling of her thighs and close embraces, you will not obtain what you desire; you will experience no pleasure when she shares your couch, and she will feel no affection for you.
  It is related that a man, having questioned a woman as to the things most likely to inspire affection for a man, received the following answer: "The things which develop love for the moment of coition are the playful frolics practised in advance, and the vigorous embrace at the moment of ejaculation. Kisses, nibblings, sucking of lips, close-clasping of breasts, and the drinking of passion-loaded spittle, are the things which ensure durable affection. Acting thus, the two ejaculations occur simultaneously, and enjoyment is complete for both.
  Oh, you men who seek for the love and affection of women and desire to retain them, see that you frolic before copulation. Prepare her for the enjoyment and let nothing be neglected to attain this end. Explore her with all possible activity and while so doing, let your mind be free from all other thought. Do not let pleasure's propitious moment pass by unheeded: it occurs when you see her eyes slightly moist and her mouth partly open. Unite, then, but never before. Therefore, oh men, when you have brought woman to the favourable condition, introduce your member; then if you take care to move in the proper manner, she will experience a pleasure which will satisfy all her desires. Do not rise yet from her breast, but let your lips wander over her cheeks, and let your sword rest in her sheath. Seek ardently to arouse her sucker, so your work will be worthily crowned. If by the favour of the All-highest you achieve success, be careful not to withdraw your member, but let it remain and drain the cup of pleasure. Give ear and listen to the sighs and cries and murmurs of the woman, for these bear witness to the violence of the pleasure you have visited upon her.
  And when the cessation of enjoyment puts an end to your amorous frolics, take care not to rise brusquely, but withdraw your member with circumspection; stay with the woman, lying on your right side in this bed of pleasure. In this way nothing but good will result, and you will not be like those who mount a woman as a mule would, paying no attention to the principles of the art, and who withdraw and hurry away as soon as they have ejaculated. So crude a method must be avoided as it deprives the woman of all pleasure.
  A kiss is one of the most potent stimulants that a man or woman can indulge in. The most delightful kiss is that which is planted on moist ardent lips, and accompanied with suction of the lips and tongue, so that the emission of a sweet intoxicating saliva is produced. It is for the man to procure this emission from the woman by gently nibbling her lips and tongue till she secretes a particular saliva, sweet, exquisite, more agreeable than honey mixed with pure water. This gives a man a shivering sensation throughout his whole body, and is more intoxicating than strong wine.

Concerning the Diverse Names of the Virile Member

The untameable. It has received this name because, when it is swollen and erect, it starts to move its head, looking for the entrance to the vagina, which, when found, it brusquely and insolently enters.

The deceiver. It gets this name from its tricks and ruses. When it desires coition, it says: "If Allah gives me the chance of meeting with a vulva, I will never quit it!" but, when it finds one, it is soon satisfied, its presumption becomes apparent and it throws a despairing look at the vulva, for it bragged that once inside it would never come out. At the approach of a woman it draws itself up and seems to say to the vulva: "Today, oh my soul, I will quench my desires with you!", and the vulva, seeing it erect and stiff, is surprised at its size and seems to reply: "Whoever could accomodate such a member?" Its only reply is to place its head at the door of the vulva, open the lips and sink right in. When it starts to move the vulva makes fun of it and says: "What a deceptive movement!" for he is no sooner in than out. The two testicles seem to say: "Our friend is dead!" He then withdraws precipitately from the vulva and tries to hold up his head again, but he falls flabby and inert. The testicles repeat: "Our brother is dead...our brother is dead!"

The sleeper. This name is due to its deceptive appearance. When it enters in erection it lengthens and stiffens to such a pitch that you would never think it would soften again, but, when it leaves the vulva after slaking its passion, it falls asleep.

The pathmaker. It has this name because, when it meets a vulva which will not let it enter at once, it makes a passage with its head, breaking and tearing all like a ruttish beast.

The tailor. It gets this name from the fact that it does not enter the vulva until after it has manoevred at the entrance, like a tailor threading the eye of a needle.

The quencher. This name is given to a thick strong member which is slow to ejaculate. Such a member fully satisfies woman's amorous desires because, after having raised them to the highest pitch, it quenches them better than any other. When it wishes to enter a vulva and, on arriving at the entrance, finds it closed, it laments, pleads and makes promises: 'Oh, dear friend, let me enter...I will not stay long'; but, then it breaks its word by prolonging its stay, and not withdrawing until after it has ejaculated and exhausted its ardour by dint of moving in and out, up and down, and right and left.

The twister. This name was given to it because it arrives at the vulva as if on urgent business. It knocks at the door, twists and turns about in a shameless manner, pushing its investigations to right and left, before and behind, then suddenly penetrating to the bottom of the vagina to ejaculate.

The knocker. It is thus named because, when it arrives at the door of the vulva, it gives a light knock; if the vulva replies and opens the door, it enters; but, if it gets no reply, it knocks again until successful. By knocking at the door we refer to the rubbing of the penis on the vulva until it becomes moist. The production of this moisture is what is called opening the door.

The stumbler. It has been so called because, when it wishes to enter the vulva and does not see the door, it bumps above and below and continues so as if it were stumbling against a stone on the road, until the lips of the vulva are lubricated and it can enter.

The shameless one. It has received this name because, from the minute it gets stiff and long, it cares for nobody. It unblushing lifts its master's garment, caring nought for the shame he feels. It acts in the same shameless way with woman. It will lift her clothes and expose her thighs. Its master may feel shame at this conduct, but the Shameless One will not.

The bashful one. This member feels shame and becomes bashful when in the presence of an unknown vulva, and it is only after a time that it raises its head. Sometimes its trouble is so great that it remains quite impotent, especially if a stranger is near.

The weeper. So called because of the many tears it sheds. As soon as it stands, it begins to weep; if it sees a pretty face, it weeps; if it touches a woman, it weeps. It even at times weeps tears of remembrance.

The seeker. This name was given because, when it is in the vulva, it starts to move about as if it were looking for something. It is looking for the womb and will have no peace until it finds it.

The flabby one.The one which can never penetrate because it is too soft and so must be content with rubbing against the vulva until it ejaculates. It gives no pleasure to a woman for it only enflames her passions and cannot quench them.


Concerning the Female Organs

The passage. It has received this name (el feuj) because it opens and closes like the vulva of a mare in heat.

The taciturn. This is the one which is sparing in words. Should a member penetrate a hundred times a day it would say nothing but would be content to look on.

The squeezer. So called because of its squeezing action on the member. Immediately after penetration it starts to squeeze the member and draws it in with such gusto that were it possible, it would absorb the testicles too.

The importunate. This is the vulva which will spare no member. If one spent a hundred nights with it and penetrated it a hundred times each night, it would neither be tired nor satisfied, but would rather ask for more. With it, the roles are inverted: the member is the defender, and it the petitioner. However, it is very rare, being only found in those women who are all flame and fire.

The desirer. This is only met with in a few women; in some it is a natural gift, in others it is the result of prolonged absinence. Its distinguishing feature is that it seeks out the member, and when it has found it, it refuses to release it until its fire is quenched.

The beauty. This name is given to the white plump vulva which is rounded like a dome. The eye cannot quit it, and no member can withstand it.

The spreader. So called because, at the approach of the member, it appears to be closed and impenetrable to such an extent that it would seem impossible to insert the little finger; but, when a member rubs it with its head, it widens considerably.

The giant. This is as long as it is wide, that is, it is developed in both directions, from side to side and from the pubis to the perineum. It is the most beautiful that the eye may ever behold. May Allah in His goodness never deprive us of such a sight!

The glutton. This is the one with a wide throat. If it has been deprived of coition for a certain time and a member should then approach it, The Glutton will swallow it whole, as a hungry man will throw himself on to food and try to swallow it without chewing.

The annexer. That vagina is so called, which when it has received a member, clings round it as closely as possible, so that, if it could, it would draw in the testicles.

The accomodator. This name is applied to the vagina of the woman who has felt for some time an ardent desire for coition. In its satisfaction at seeing a member, it aids it in its reciprocating movement; it eagerly offers the womb. When the member wishes to visit any particular part it lends itself graciously to the task, so that no nook is left unvisited. When enjoyment arrives and the member wishes to ejaculate, it clasps its head and then vigorously sucks the member, using all its powers to extract the sperm. And, certainly, pleasure is incomplete for the woman possessing such a vagina if the flood of semen is not poured into the womb.

The helper. This vulva is so called because it helps the member to enter and withdraw or to move up and down. By this help the ejaculation is easy and enjoyment complete. Even he who is ordinarily slow to ejaculate is vanquished by this vulva.

The duellist. Certain vulvas, animated with a violent desire for coition, move forward with open mouth to meet the member like a hungry child towards its mother's breast. It is thus that this vulva moves at the approach of the member, and they then resemble two skilful duellists: as the one precipitates itself on its adversary, this latter feints to frustrate the attack. The member may be likened to a sword and the vulva to a shield. The one which ejaculates first is the vanquished, and truly it is a final combat! So would I fight until my death!

The biter. The one which, when the member has penetrated, burns with such passion that it opens and shuts on the member. Especially at the moment of ejaculation the man feels his member seized by the sucker which draws like a magnet and exhausts it of its sperm.

The ever-ready. This name is given to the vagina of a woman passionately fond of the virile member. It is the one which, far from being intimidated by a hard and stiff penis, treats it with contempt and demands one harder. It is also the one which is neither frightened nor ashamed when someone raises the clothes which cover it; on the contrary, it gives the member the warmest welcome, and buries it inside so completely that the testicles cry: 'Oh, what a misfortune! Our brother has disappeared. He has plunged boldly into this gulf and we fear greatly for him. He must be the bravest of the brave to dash like that into the cavern!'

The fleer. It is the organ of most virgins who, not yet acquainted with the member and seeing it approach, do all they can to keep it away when it insinuates itself between their thighs to force a way in. The resigned. The one which, having received the member, patiently endures any movement it may like to make. It is also the one which can resignedly bear the longest and most violent copulations. The hundredth time finds it still resigned and, far from complaining, it gives thanks to Allah. It is equally resigned when visited by several different members in succession. It is generally found in women of ardent temperament; if they had their way the man would never withdraw.

The warmer. This is one of the most praiseworthy of vulvas. The pleasure of coition is measured by the degree in which it heats up.

The delicious one. It is reputed to procure an unequalled pleasure, only comparable to that experienced by wild beasts and birds of prey, and for which they will fight to the death. And if it is so with animals, what must it be with man! Wars have no other cause but the search for the volupty which this vulva procures, and which is the supreme pleasure of life. It is a foretaste of the joys which await us in paradise, and only surpassed by the sight of Allah Himself.


The Way to Holiness Through the Flesh - Jou Pu Tuan

Author Unknown

1368 - 1644 (Ming Period); China

Comments Communism has had the same dampening effect on sexuality as Christianity did in the West and other parts of the World. Prior to "The Great Leap Forward" China was one of the most sensually liberated places in the world as can be seen from this excerpt. That spiritual fulfillment can be obtained through making love, this is an idea which is alien to the monotheistic religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. However, it is one of the most beautiful ways to appreciate and worship the mysteries of our Creator . . .
It is not the gentleman who should court the lady, but the reverse. If he lies down on his back, she mounts to the saddle and guides his Ambasssador into the right channel. When the Ambassador is flushed with enterprise, she holds him tight as a flute in a flute case. When he is listless, she rekindles the flame of his desire with deft finger-play. The wilder the fray, the more active and enterprising she should become; withstanding her adversary's attacks, she should joyously take the counter-offensive. Try as he may, he will be bound to miss certain spots, so the best thing to do is to help him find every sensitive place. Both will benefit. That is what is meant by the Taoist phrase "solicitously to lower the Pleasure House toward the Ambassador."
  Ready for the fray, the lady takes her place beneath the gentleman. But she does not leave him to do all the work: full of of sympathy and understanding, she assists him, taking up his movements and accompanying them. In this way, she turns the game of love into a delightful butterfly chase, giving herself and him a twofold pleasure and at the same time making it easier for the Assailant to arrive at his main goal, her Jewel Enclosure (womb). True pleasure must be had in common. The two participants should meet each other halfway. Then their encounter becomes a feast. If the lady does not respond to the gentleman's movements with really sympathetic counter-movements, but remains passive, he might as well resort to a wooden or paper woman with an artificial Pleasure House. Why, then, bother with a living woman of flesh and blood? Every first-class courtesan follows this principle, so gaining the favor of her guests and increasing her own pleasure at the same time.
  The longer the battle raged, the more imposing became the stature of his Warrior, and with it his courage; no longer was her her Pleasure Grotto a bottomless pit. Both on the sides and and in the depths the desired contact was made. Her body began to quiver and writhe voluptuously, and moans of pleasure issued from her lips. The grass and bushes around her Gateway grew moist with the dew of ecstasy. He reached for the cloth, to wipe away some of the juices, but she restrained him. A Battle of the Sexes, she felt, should be a wild frenzy, an ecstatic temple dance with a rousing accompaniment of gongs and drums.

"Love is my Religion and the Religion of Love is like no other. No Lover can join the loved one if he is not wanted by that loved one. Only a single love which bends the lover in two can make the loved one happy and joyous. If you feel that grace of love, you can be sure that such grace comes from Him."

Muslim Sufi Mystic Gialal al Dyn Rumy (1207-1273) Mathnauy.


"Caress my breasts with your fingers, they are small and you have neglected them. Enough! Now set your mouth just there immediately."

From the Sanscrit Amaru, c. 800AD
Erotica p.87

Mohammed loves women because the contemplation of God in a woman is most intense and most perfect . . . the intense and the most perfect union is copulation . . . it is necessary to distinguish between the sexual act itself, together with the pleasure which it brings, which is mere lust, and the sexual act performed with love, as the crowning of a desire arising from the passion which is in the image of the godhead and leads to ecstasy, the symbol of spirituality."

Medieval Koranic Scholar: Ibn'Araby (1165-1240)

OE p4

According to the Koran (IV, 129), her husband is required to satisfy his wife sexually: if he fails she can invoke the law to obtain compensation, or even an immediate divorce accompanied by substantial benefits.

OE p7

A number of other verses indicate that prostitutes (V, 25; XXIV, 31-33) have freedom over their bodies and are not regarded as sinners.

OE p17

Oh how great is the devotion of lovers
When, lost in the maze of passion,
Their hearts are suddenly overthrown by the force of desire,
Let us praise the lover's soul as it seeks Union,
For therein lies the paradise of eternal joy,
As well as the hell of separation.

Female Sufi Mystic Rabi'a al' Adauiyyam (Died 801 AD)

Poem celebrating Homosexual Love

When he is not there, my eyes see him;
In all that is beautiful, light and fascinating,
In the harmony of lute and flute
When their chords blend together,
In the meadows and valleys filled with gazelles,
In the coolness of dawn and evening
Wherever drops of dew fall
On a green carpet of grass sprinkled with flowers,
When a light breeze parts the edge of his garment
And carries to the dawn the scent of his body,
And when my mouth pressed against the lips of the goblet
Drinks in the saliva of wine in a joyous place.

Sufi Muslim Poet: Ibn al Faridh Omar (Cairo, 1182-1235)

I love you with my soul,
All the more so as my soul cannot be compared to you.
When describing your lips, my pen is sweet as honey,
Like the pure sugar which changes water into nectar.
Will I ever find a liana as supple as your body bowed over mine
To give me a kiss having the exquisite taste of your mouth?

Sufi Poet Khoja Dehhani. Late 13th century.

Homo erotic poem describing the joys of a Turkish Bath.

Early one morning, supple as the cypress,
He walked with marmonious strides to the bath,
And the water shone suddenly
With the brilliance of his face,
When his body came to be seen,
Stripped of his robe,
Like the full moon.
Then he wrapped himself in an indigo bathrobe;
Truly a naked almond in a field of violets.
The rim of the bath is honored
To bear the imprint of his foot;
And the pool glows with a thousand fires
At the sight of such beauty.
When the water at last brushed against his soft skin,
Jealousy stabbed me in the heart,
And then all over my body,
Taking away the peace of my senses
Then came the radiant moment
When he emerged from the bath, still naked,
But wrapped in my feverish gaze
Which embraced his divine body.
And it is there that he has since remained,
Hidden in a secret corner of my eye.

Fuzuli: Master of Ottoman (Turkish) literature in the 14th century.

OE p79

The woman is the fire, her womb the fuel, the invitation of man the smoke. The door is the flame, entering the ember, pleasure the spark. In this fire gods form the offering. From this offering springs forth the child.

Chandogya Upanishad (Ancient Hindu Scriptures)

In the embrace of his beloved a man forgets the whole world - everything both within and without. In the same way he who embraces the Self knows neither within nor without.

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (Ancient Hindu Scriptures)

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