Erotic Art from Ancient Pompeii
1st Century AD

In the 1st century AD the city state of Pompeii was buried by a volcanic eruption from nearby Mount Vesuvius. To put it mildly, for the people of Pompeii, this could not have been a very pleasant experience. In fact, the distress that the victims felt has been preserved to this day. For the volcanic ash and lava that blanketed the city (and many of its inhabitants) acted as the perfect time capsule that preserved all that it covered .

It preserved everything from the bodies of the victims, frozen forever in positions of tortured pain, to the art on the walls of the houses and brothels in the city. The following images are from the buried city. Images that show a people very much interested in their sensual selves. Though the images have suffered the ravages of time this often serves to enhance rather than lessen their appeal. Two thousand years may separate us but the pleasurable activities/postures depicted here transcend time.


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