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With the fires of sexually repressive religious fundamentalism currently sweeping the Muslim world it is difficult to believe that Islam even has an erotic history. However, decadent harems, shimmering wiggling belly dancers, 1001 Arabian Nights and nubile odalisques are all part of the sensual Islamic past.

Unlike Christianity, Islam is not against recreational sex so there tends to be less guilt, (at least for Muslim men!) with regards to sexual enjoyment. On the other hand, women do not have the same freedom to enjoy their sexuality as do men in Islam. As one Muslim proverb says, "A man's shame is between his navel and his knees; a woman's shame is from the top of her head to the tips of her toes."

The harshly repressive sex laws of many Islamic countries makes it very difficult for Muslim artists produce erotic artworks. Nevertheless, as the following pieces show, sensual expression can never be fully stifled.















Woman and Leopard
Woman and Dog
Sexy Liberated Muslim WomenAt Great Risk some Muslim women still show that they are sexual beings outside of the confines of marriage. Some Muslim female picture submissions to World Art Erotica.

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