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Liability Disclaimer: Read this First!

This resource is for lovers to enjoy their sexuality using Natural Birth Control methods.

Thermometer MethodBirth Control is something that sexually active individuals think about on a regular basis. It is something that can often add unnecessary stress and uncertainty to our lives. Here we will outline alternative methods of birth control, in a multidimensional and natural way. We want to provide people with a multifaceted understanding of themselves and their body, so that we remain in power of our reproductive systems.

These methods can also be helpful for those who use conventional birth control.  They can help to monitor reproductive health, improve the quality of sex life, and help to increase the success rate of other birth control methods.

All of these natural methods have relatively low effectiveness ratings, if their ratings are known at all. However, we are encouraging people to work most, if not all, of these methods into their life.  By using multiple methods at appropriate times our protection is increased and we do not have to sacrifice the environment or our bodies for it.  Relying fully on Ecosensual birth control might not be right for everyone, but as information we feel its empowerment can help save the world.

This said, and its affiliated groups are not responsible for any pregnancies or other issues that may arise in the course of practicing ecosensual birth control.  Our emphasis is on mental concepts, social theory, and the psychological issues surrounding natural birth control.  We are in no way telling you what your unique body is doing, nor how you can control this unique body.  We are merely passing on information that we have found and suggesting that we look at this information in a holistic and practical way.  If you are looking for clinical information you will need to consult with your doctor.

We strongly recommend you follow the methods as diligently as possible and use the chart to record your information. If unsure about any aspect of these methods, please consult your physician

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Introduction to Ecosensual Birth Control

In this book you we discuss a number of methods that we hope you can use to have a beautiful, sensual life and relationship.  Every couple on earth faces the issue of fertility. Whether the desire is to have children or not, once we have an active sex life, the issue of birth control is one that faces us all. 

Ecosensual birth control addresses the topics of the empowerment of women, women's health, a couples closeness, both physicallly and emotionally, overpopulation and the environment.

Practicing the ecosensual birth control method will empower women through the knowledge of her body and cycle. It offers alternatives to putting hormones the body, altering a woman's cycle and and in some cases losing the menstural cycle all together and using condoms with spermicides and that can cause discomfort .  We want every child on this planet to be wanted and to address the issue of overpopulation, which creates competition for resources and often leads to war.. And to help protect our planet, as all forms of conventional birthcontrol contribute waste to landfills and pollute the earth. We offer an alternative that is completely natural and free, that allows for maximum sensual enjoyment and that anyone in the world can do. 

About the Methods
This book will teach women methods to chart changes in their body throughout their Menstrual Cycle to learn when they are fertil. We will explore different kinds of sex during fertile and potentially fertile days and increase creativity with our sexuality, visiting other ways that sexuality can nurture us.  We will also address ways in which the male can learn about his own reproductive system to control his ejaculation and as a bonus, make him a better lover.
Here, we learn to adapt our sexualities into a planet-saving strategy as well as explore and develop our sexual energies and relationships. 

It Takes Two to Tango and to Make Babies
We believe that a key to natural birth control is communication between partners. Don’t read this book alone, share it!  So often the responsibility of birth control is passed to whoever is taking the pills or stocking the condoms, but birth control should be a joint effort.  Two people, clear on their intentions of not making a child right now, make a great team.  For men, knowing where a woman is on her cycle will affect every thrust, determining its depth, its angle, its excitedness.  You, as a couple, will develop different types of lovemaking and be able to share a wider breadth of sexual experience.  Being on the same page fortifies the intentions set in your relationship and creates trust through clarity

How to Use This Book
  1. Use as many of the following techniques as possible.
  2. Talk with your partner about the process of developing these methods
  3. Know Thyself: Work with these methods over time, taking extra precaution during the learning process.
  4. Remember to make it sexy, eco, and fun!

Putting together most or all of these methods can create an exciting sexual life, without the worry of creating children.

And now for the >>> Natural Birth Control Methods!

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